This Is What We Are
We are unique As we consider Each Child to be unique
We believe in:
  • 'U'  ultimate & unmatchable
  • 'N'  Nurtiring of child
  •  'I'   In
  • 'Q'  Quite
  • 'U'  Loving & caring
  • 'E'   Enviroment
For holistic development let’s join hand in hand to groom the little buds blossom into fragmant tulip flowers and develop.
  • Alone we can do so little,
  • Together we can do so much.

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The School galleries provide a year round forum for the events, sports, special moments, cultural activities and exhibition of work by students, faculty, and special guests of the School. Classroom posters include activities that encourage careful looking, creative writing, and other curriculum connections.

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